How to get Platinum in Warframe?

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Warframe Platinum is the main currency in the game alongside credits and having some will definitely make your life easier. Whether it comes to obtaining equipment, weapons, mod packs, slots for warframes, weapons and loadouts or even cosmetic skins, Warframe Plat has got you covered. Naturally, Platinum is a valuable currency in Warframe and there are many ways to obtain it. Let's take a look at how Warframe lets you get Platinum quickly, reliably and safely to satisfy your needs.

Buy Warframe Platinum

Undoubtedly, the fastest way to obtain Platinum is to buy it. Websites like are trustworthy sources to buy Warframe Platinum at the lowest Warframe Platinum prices. Like many websites that sell in-game currency, we are determined to provide a steady supply of Warframe Platinum for our customers and ensure it is delivered securely and on time. Whether you’re looking for cheap Warframe Platinum for PS4, Xbox or PC, it’s all in one place just a click away.

Get Prime Access or Prime Vault

This is another option that does cost real world money. Purchasing a Prime Access pack will give you Warframe Platinum currency along with some other things which add a lot more value to those packs. Such as Primes and exclusive gear also. There are different levels for Prime Access which you can buy into which will give you some discounted Platinum currency along with some extra goodies to make them good deals.

Warframe Trading

This is the most reliable free method to obtaining more Warframe Platinum currency however, it does take a bit of work. You will need to run void missions, collect the loot and sell as many valuable mods as possible. Typically, you will have more luck selling mods of higher rank as well as veiled and unveiled Riven mods and some prime parts. Though most maxed out and rare drops will sell for some Platinum so there's no need to throw any away because they might not be valuable, you never know when you might need a certain mod. For this method however, you do need to search through and trading chat to find other players who are looking for the things you want to trade and are willing to hand over some Warframe Platinum for it.

Do not expect to make lots of platinum quickly, this will take a lot of time. This is the easiest way to earn some money however and not just Platinum either. You will get enough to unlock more weapon slots and some extra warframes even if you don't put much time into it. If you want to get a sense a sense on how much your particular mod or item is worth you can always ask other players for a price check or just go to


While a giveaway will provide a huge payload, it's very rare to actually win one so you should never rely on it for that Platinum. Additionally, the winnings you get cannot be traded and can only be used on the market. So, there is a restriction to the payload you might win.

There are three different kinds of giveaways:

•        Developer Streams

During every developer stream and Prime Time on Twitch, one lucky person wins 1000 Platinum. This is done 3 – 4 times per stream and considering the number of people who watch the streams, winning is unlikely.

•        Twitter

Occasionally, the developer will post a key for 1000 Platinum online publicly for players to grab and use. The key will be missing one letter so everyone has to be fast to guess what it is and use it before another person guesses. For this one you need to be fast but it is possible to win and worth keeping an eye on that Twitter account.

•        Official Community Events / Competitions

This is potentially the 'best' option from the giveaways. The developer likes to hold community events which includes giving out tasks for players to complete and send in their entries for. Anyone creative will love them and even those not very creative as well, there is a lot of variety in the events. So, everyone does have a chance if they're interested in getting some free Platinum. The downside is that these tasks can require you to put in quite a bit of time if you want to stand a good chance at winning the Platinum that's up for grabs. Previous events have included short stories and even pumpkin carving.

Fan-sponsored Community Competitions

These aren't like the official community events. Some groups hold their own contests and competitions also without the official support of the developer. Different groups run them privately and some allow the public to take part also. They can have high Platinum rewards and are run through unofficial channels like forums or discord channels. The best ones are well established and are the most trustworthy ones also.

Clan Prizes

Similar to the above, some active clans have contents with actual prizes as well. This means you could join one of these clans to take part in all of those contents. However, these clans are often popular and there will be a decent amount of competition for that. if you're serious about playing Warframe it might be worthwhile finding a clan that you can play and trade with along with take part in events like these.

Login Rewards

While this is randomized, you can actually get a little bit of Platinum with the login rewards. Do keep in mind this is rare and the amount you are given is very little so it's not something you can ever rely on to help. If you were to win some Platinum it would be less than 100 so it would help you a little but would not give you lots to spend or use. It's also possible to get coupons for buying Platinum giving you up to 50% off which is a great deal and worth waiting for if you were interested in buying some Platinum in-game.

That’s pretty much it, now it’s up to you to decide how would you prefer to get your Warframe Platinum!