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OSRS Fire Cape Service

Fire cape OSRS is one of the most desired cape among the players of OldSchool Runescape or RS3 due to its aesthetics and melee bonuses. OSRS Fire cape boosting service is much better than the widely used OSRS Obsidian cape and OSRS Legends cape. Undoubtedly, it is the second best cape in game for melee bonuses which is only outrun by Runescape infernal cape. Obtaining the OSRS fire cape is not an easy task and is considered as an accomplishment among the players. Hence majority of players can be seen showing off their skills by wearing the fire cape around the Gielinor. This will show OSRS fire cape guide and will shed light on everything in detail on how you can get a fire capes easily, what should be your inventory and all other essential details that you must know before doing your first attempt. If you’re tired of trying, you can always look on buying fire cape or checking out a osrs fire cape service.

TzHaar Fight Cave

The fight cave is a combat mini game located in the Karamja volcano with various powerful monsters. Fight cave is a hot spot for players looking for OSRS fastest slayer xp since the monsters can be unlocked as a slayer task too. In each round a 63 wave will give 37K slayer xp. Runescape TzHaar fight caves inhabit the most powerful monsters as compared to other locations. They range from Level 22 and goes till Level 720 (Jad). Each monster is on a higher level than the previous one, hence the level of difficulty keeps on increasing gradually until you reach the final battle with the Jad. Seems hard? Because it is. If you need help clearing this cave you can buy Fire Cape osrs service from experienced players.

How to get to TzHaar Fight Cave?

The entrance of this cave can be found by going inside the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon. Inside that, you will see a cave leading to Mor Ul Rek. Another mode of travel can be through the fairy ring (Code: B-L-P).

How to get fire cape?

This can only be obtained by killing TzTok-Jad and walking out of the cave alive. Players have to complete the mini game which consists of 43 Waves and walk out alive in order to get the osrs fire cape service as a reward. If the player and TzTok-Jad die simultaneously, kill count will increase but osrs cape will not be awarded. The task can be completed within 35-40 minutes if you are using the best gear and equipment with 99 ranged with some experience. It will be longer depending on your skill, equipment and ranged level. What if you lose a fire cape upon death? Fire cape will have to be re obtained by defeating Jad and completing the mini game again. You can also keep multiple fire capes by getting 1 each time you defeat Jad.

Recommended gear and inventory

The most effective method is to use the OSRS Ranged training only method rather than the most common OSRS Guthans method. But if you use ranged, make sure to keep the defence bonus maximum in order to save food until the last wave. We will show you the most effective gear and inventory you can opt for to rush through the 63 waves easily and eventually defeat the main enemy. However, stay motivated even if you fail for the first time. This will happen for sure but keep trying and you will get there within a few attempts unless you are lucky and skilled enough to go through it for the first time.

How Hard is it to get fire cape?

Fire capes can be relatively hard if you are attempting it for the first time. If you die in between the waves, you will have to begin all over again from Wave 1. However, the mini game is safe and you don’t lose any items. The minimum recommended requirement to begin the mini game is 43+ Prayer and 70+ Ranged. If you have a prayer level lower than 43, you will be able to pass through a couple of waves only. If you find hard time getting it, consider checking out another fire cape guide or look to buy OSRS fire cape service.

What can be done with a fire cape?

Apart from the melee bonus and its aesthetics, there are other uses of a fire cape too. These are:

Wore as a cape for melee bonus.

Further access to Mor Ul Rek by just showing the fire cape to the guards.

Enter the inferno by sacrificing the cape (should be done once only).

Display in a cape rack of the costume room in the Player Owned House.

Merged with a max cape to obtain a fire max cape.

Important Tips and Tricks

Try to save brews and potions for the last fight with Jad.

Do not panic!

Do not spam click on food.

Keep auto-retaliate OFF at all times.

Jad will have 4 healers with a max hit of 14, make sure you kill them first.

Keep switching prayers quickly depending on attack style.

If you log out during the mini game, you will resume again from the same wave upon logging in.