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Runescape FSW items are as varied as the world of Gielnor itself and there are tens of thousands of them. Every item in RS FSW can be identified by it’s name and icon. Some are tradeable between players, thus you can find them among RS FSW items for sale, however some aren’t. Some are equippable, while others are not and value of items differs based on the economic principles of supply and demand.

RS FSW Items which are difficult to obtain, while having widespread uses, like high combat stats, ability to unlock new content or increase the speed at which you train your skills are of course naturally valuable. Same logic applies to items which are not obtainable anymore in the game and thus become more and more rare over time. We will look at both of these categories of items in more detail.

Runescape FSW Items & Equipment For Sale

A lot of the game, especially when it comes to combat content revolves around the items you equip. Better RS gear will allow you to take on more challenging content, complete difficult quests and combat ever more powerful bosses. Your combat levels will define which items you are capable of equipping. You will need a high Defence level to equip the best armour and high levels in your choice of combat skill (Attack, Ranged or Magic) when it comes to the most powerful weapons in Runescape.

Some of the most sought-after items in Runescape are tier 95 equipment pieces. These include the Bow of the Last Guardian and the Dark Shard of Leng, Ek-ZekKil and Staff of Armadyl. In addition to those, you have the opportunity to obtain Vestments of Havoc, tier 95 melee power armour which does not degrade, Essence of Finality amulet, Scriptures of Ful, Jas and Wen among other goods.

Besides all those, hero items are especially useful not just in combat, but outside of it as well. Hazelmere's signet ring doubles your drops and provides a chance to obtain the most exclusive drops, Orlando Smith's hat can provide you with an extra Treasure Trails casket, Tavia's fishing rod gives you additional 10% chance to catch fish, while also providing Deep Sea Fishing buffs and Guildmaster Tony's mattock gives chances to obtain an additional material as well as to immediately discover an artefact.

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