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Borderlands 3 legendary, anointed, modded weapons are very powerful weapons in Borderlands 3 with unique red text effects and orange color item cards, and they are one of the most popular BL3 Items. Every manufacturer has one BL3 legendary weapon per weapon type and they can be acquired from any form of loot. Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 with inherent elemental properties are especially powerful, because they provide elemental effects without any penalty to damage.

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At our marketplace you can buy any weapon or Borderlands 3 items you want. Some of the most powerful weapons in Borderlands 3 include the Flakker, Night Hawkins, Laser-Sploder, Firesale Long Musket, The Butcher, Rowan’s Call, Front Loader and Girth Blaster Elite and many shields for Borderlands. You can buy Borderlands 3 Items such as girth blaster elite from other players safely with TrustShield protection. All of these weapons excel at different scenarios, so the one which would be best for you will depend on your style of gameplay. Regardless of your choice, you can buy Borderlands 3 legendary weapons as well as sell BL3 items on