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Dota 2 Accounts For Sale


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Dota 2 accounts for sale let you play one of the most famous MOBA games on the planet. In Dota 2, matches are played between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own separate base on the map. Buying a Dota 2 account lets you play any hero you want, while coming with its own the items, cosmetics, equipment. You can choose anything from a Dota 2 Smurf Herald account to an account with high MMR, maxed out on behavior score and full of cosmetics.

Where to buy Dota 2 Accounts?

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Buy Dota 2 Accounts

You can buy Dota 2 accounts from other players safely with our custom TradeShield protection. Regardless of whether you are buying a new cheap Dota 2 smurf account or one with lots of skins and a battle pass, we ensure the highest level of security for all Dota 2 account sales. Find the Dota 2 account of your dreams for sale on and become the best Dota 2 player you can be!

How to buy Dota 2 Accounts

Looking to buy Dota 2 accounts? Here’s a quick guide how to get started:

  1. Look through the listed Dota 2 accounts and pick the one that fits your needs the most

  2. Make sure to read the description of theoffer to make sure everything works for you

  3. Click „Buy Now“ button and make a payment with your preferred payment method

  4. Once the payment is confirmed, a chat room will appear where you can connect with the seller

  5. Depending on the delivery time, you will be receiving your Dota 2 account details in specified time frame (most of the time it is instant)

  6. Withgiven details, log in into your new account, make necessary changes and enjoy your new Dota 2 account.