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Bug Bounty

Why is the bug bounty a big deal?

We love our in-house penetration testers. They’re talented white hat hackers who work hard to keep Eldorado one of the most secure in-game item marketplaces in the world. However, there are only so many of them, and Eldorado global infrastructure grows larger and more complex every month.

Now, white hat hackers around the world can search our system for any flaws large or small and get paid for it. Bug hunters may earn rewards for anything from minor bugs to critical flaws – as long as they impact our service or security of the system.

How does the bug bounty program work?

  • 1. You find something you think might be a bug, flaw or vulnerability in our service;
  • 2. You report it to us via email [email protected].
  • 3. Our dev team evaluates your report to determine the impact that the issue has on our service;
  • 4. You get cash in your Eldorado balance depending on the severity of the issue you’ve uncovered.
  • 5. Bounties can range from $10 for minor issues to over $5,000 for critical flaws.