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Warframe items come in many different forms and in you can buy or sell any warframe item or warfame sets you want. Whether you want to buy warframe mods, warframe arcane helmets, warframe primes, Saryn Prime, Volt Prime, warframe sets or just look at warframe item prices to decide whether something catches your eye, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about these items, continue to read further. This is the best warframe market pc place.

Warframe Mods

Mods in warframe come in the shape of cards, which can be added to your warframe, weapons and even companions to make them more powerful. Essentially, they serve as an upgrade system, with each mod having it’s over rank which improves the stat bonuses it provides. Mods come in different rarities including common, uncommon, rare, primed and riven mods as well as some special types like peculiar and requiem mods. These items are essential to continuously upgrade and add to your arsenal to survive missions which are only getting tougher as the game progresses.

Warframe Arcane Helmets

These helmets are legacy type of helmet which affected the stats of warframe before being removed from the game in hotfix 13.2.3, to be replaced with Arcane Enhancements. Every arcane helmet provided a buff to a certain stat, while reducing another one. Since they are no longer obtainable, they have become increasingly valuable as years gone by for players looking to maximize a specific stat for their warframe.

Warframe Primes, Saryn Primes

Prime refers to any items in Warframe created with Orokin technology. They are more powerful versions of regular items and thus are highly sought after. Prime warframes, weapons and sentinels are usually crafted from prime blueprints and prime parts, which are tradeable, therefore you can purchase them without burning through relics. The most desired primes are Volt Prime, Saryn Prime and Rubico Loki Prime.

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