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Old School Runescape Items come in many different shapes and forms. They may be held in inventory or stored in bank. OSRS Items can be acquired in many different ways, including obtaining them through skilling like mahogany planks or combat like dragon bones as well as buying it with OSRS Gold and finding OSRS items for sale on Eldorado. Many of the most sought-after items in Old School Runescape can be equipped, they allow players to significantly increase their combat ability or contain other useful properties. We will go into greater detail regarding all this gear in 07RS.

Buy Twisted Bow, Justiciar, Scythe of Vitur, Nightmare Staff and other OSRS Weapons

There is no battle that can be fought without weapons in OSRS. Therefore, it is essential to get your hands on the best armaments available if you want to succeed, whether in farming, bossing or PvP. If your preferred style of combat is melee, you should look into weapons such as Scythe of Vitur, Inquisitor’s Mace, Abyssal Dagger, Ghrazi Rapier, Saradomin Godsword or Ring of Endurance OSRS. The latter is capable of restoring the players hitpoints and prayer points, while Scythe of Vitur is capable of hitting three enemies at once! However, if ranged combat is your cup of tea, you will likely seek out to buy Twisted Bow or Toxic Blowpipe. Accuracy and damage of the OSRS Tbow scales with opponents Magic level, while the Toxic Blowpipe is capable of inflicting venom on its target.

Meanwhile, there is a multitude of options for magicians as well. Anything from Sanguinesti Staff to Kodai Wand and the customizable Nightmare Staff. Sanguinesti Staff has its own spell which can be used regardless of spellbook currently in use and has a chance to heal the player for half of hitpoints dealt to the enemy. The powers granted by the Nightmare Staff depend on the orb attached to it. Attaching the Eldritch Orb enables the player to boost their prayer points above their Prayer level restore prayer points by half of damage dealt. Harmonised Orb increases staff’s attack speed, while Volatile Orb gifts a powerful special attack, damage of which scales with Magic level of the player.

Buy OSRS Gear

OSRS Armour is no less important than weaponry. Your survival depends on it after all. Therefore, it is important to have the best in slot gear possible in Old School RS. Within the game no combat style is fundamentally the most powerful, melee fighters are strong against rangers, but weak against mages, rangers are strong against mages, but weak against melee, while mages are the most powerful against melee combatants, but struggle against rangers. All of this creates a balanced environment and encourages diverse gameplay.

Some of the most powerful gear for melee users is Bandos and Justiciar sets combined with Ferocious Gloves, Elysian Spirit Shield, Slayer Helm and Primordial Boots. Rangers equipment of choice is Armadyl Set together with formidable pieces like Pegasian Boots and Dragonfire Ward. Meanwhile to become a successful mage, Ancestral Robes, Arcane Sprit Shield and Eternal Boots would be useful.

Get The Items You Want, Your Way!

Of course, obtaining any of the items mentioned is not so easy, hence why they are top tier items in the game. In the end, it is your choice how you will decide to get them. Whether through long hours of watching boss guides and perfecting your strategies or simply buying them on your favorite marketplace that has all the best items you need, Twisted Bow, Justiciar, Slayer Helm, Drangon Bones, Dragon Claws - you name them, we have it. The choice is yours and the goal is your success in Old School Runescape.

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