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Buy R6 Credits


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Once you buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits, you are able to obtain the Premium Battle Pass for 1200 R6 Credits, Premium Bundle for 2670 Rainbow Six Credits, headgear, elite sets, skins for weapons and operators, as well as unlocking operators themselves with unique abilities and gameplay options. R6 Credits will come especially handy with the launch of R6S Marketplace, where you can freely buy skins that are otherwise no longer obtainable from other players. So if you missed out on those fancy Gold Dust, Glacier or VIP Ticket skins, you will still be able to buy them with R6S Credits!

Where to buy R6 Credits? is the best place to buy R6 Credits at the lowest prices. You can find cheap Rainbow Six Credits deals due to competition between multiple sellers vying for the top spot on the marketplace by offering lowest prices and fastest delivery times. All orders are handled by professional service providers with round the clock customer support available.

How to buy R6 Credits Safely?

If you want to find out how to buy R6 Credits safely, here's some tips that will help you navigate the sale:

  1. Look through R6S Credits offers and pick the one that you are interested in.

  2. Choose your desired World of Warcraft Gold amount

  3. Click “Buy Now” and make the payment through your favorite payment method

  4. Once the payment is registered, the chat box will appear where you can talk with the seller

  5. Seller will guide you on how you can receive R6 Credits. Follow the instructions closely and you will be getting your R6 Credits in no time.

  6. Once R6 Credits is received, we ask to mark the order as “Received” and leave appropriate feedback (it is optional but much appreciated).

That is it! Now you have your Rainbow Six Siege Credits and you can continue playing the game the way you like.