Buying Maxed Runescape Account - All You Need to Know

Runescape game starts in the tutorial island on RS3 and 07. Once it ends, the player journey begins in the Lumbridge vicinity. The adventure starts in the Gielinor area, and the goal is to get your account maxed, which is achieved after putting in hundreds of hours of gameplay, skill and effort - not an easy task !! Boring and repetitive to the core!

Moreover, buying or selling an account can be risky thing if you are not fully aware of what you are doing. Making the wrong decision may lead to prolonged stress and potential loss of time and money in case the account gets recovered (God Forbid).

Majority of the account resellers online tend to buy and resell the accounts without any safety assurance for the new buyer. These accounts can be recovered anytime by the original owner. Fortunately, you can buy a safe account from reputable sellers who provides insurance and additional protection for the sale provided by the Eldorado platform. There are many reputable account sellers that create new accounts and train these accounts until max just to sell it eventually.

Maxed Runescape 3 and OSRS Accounts

Therefore you should always opt for a highly reputable account seller. Check out our immense range of maxed runescape accounts and maxed OSRS accounts.

What is a Maxed Runescape Account?

The total level of a maxed OSRS account is 2,277, minimum amount of experience being 299,791,913. After you have achieved this, you can buy a Max Cape and hood from Mac located outside the warrior’s guild for 2,277,000 GP. The cape is widely worn to show off your intense scaping skills as well as to benefit from the equipment stats of the cape.

The total level of a maxed RS3 Account is 2,772 (Level 99 in all 28 skills). It can be bought from Max in Varrock or Elen Anterth in Max Guild. The minimum amount of experience required to max on RS3 is 388,003,148.

Some fearless players opt for this goal in ironman mode. Ironman mode restricts you from trading another player. Since you cannot trade another player, you cannot access the grand exchange to buy or sell any item (bonds are an exception).

Benefits of a Maxed Runescape Account

A maxed account has almost everything unlocked in Runescape. The exploration of Geilinor is unmatchable on a maxed account. Imagine playing a game and you have the highest level in every skill.

Deathmatches, PvM and PKing can be enjoyed by the adventurous players on a maxed account. These activities are highly preferred by players who love to have an adrenaline rush. Some players keep a separate maxed combat account just for the combat activities.

How many players are maxed in OSRS?

As of 1 August 2022, there are 27,418 players that have achieved level 99 in all skills.

How many players are maxed in RS3?

As of 25 March 2020 there were 9712 maxed players with a total level of 2776.

How to buy a Maxed Runescape Account?

If you are one of those players who prefer to spend some real cash to enjoy the game then this section is just for you. Many players prefer to bypass the all-day grinding to gain XP, they opt in to buy a maxed runescape account from a reputable seller. Whenever you are buying an account on, you can rest assured that the account won’t be recovered and you can play with it for years to come. Generally, most players tend to choose a seller that has thousands of positive feedback.

How to find a reputable account seller?

Check their reviews and feedback.

Are they new in the market? They might be legit, but you should exercise additional caution.

● What information are you getting with the account?

Are you getting a recovery guarantee in case of locks?

Is the email of the original owner of the account provided?

Can you get banned for buying a Runescape Account?

The chances of getting banned for buying an account are negligible, especially so, if you are buying from a verified seller on

What should you do after buying an account?

Change the registered email of the account to your email. Next, change the password of the account, ideally three times. To be even more safe, set up two factor authentication and a bank pin to be as safe as possible.

How much does a Maxed Runescape Account cost?

Runescape account prices vary depending on the levels and achievements on the account. These accounts start from as little as $1 and can cost up to $10000. The average price for a maxed combat staker account is around $100, while a fully maxed account can go for thousands of dollars, depending on other items and achievements that come together with it.

Some deals may seem too good to be true hence you have to be always careful while shortlisting an account to buy. While trying to save a few bucks, you might eventually lose your account.


Make sure you buy from a highly reputable OSRS and RS account seller to prevent any chance of scam. If you end up getting a maxed account from an untrustworthy seller without going through a credible platform like Eldorado to facilitate the transaction, you may end up losing your hard earned money.