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Many free-to-play games have a structure that involves a variety of systems, currencies, and functions. This means there’s a lot of time-juggling involved, not to mention learning to navigate all the intricacies of the game’s features and modes. And let’s not forget resource management, which might end up halting or slowing your progress. All in all, while multi-layered games can be exciting and fun, there are certain drawbacks to it. 

Luckily, Eldorado is here to help. We offer safe and secure service to players who want to take their gaming experience a step further! In this article, we’ll give you comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how our service works and why you should entrust your gaming (and wallet) to us!

Here’s a shortened step-by-step guide:

  1. Create an account.

  2. Browse through the selection of games and pick a service that interests you.

  3. Select an offer that fits your needs and budget (make sure to read offer descriptions!).

  4. Pick a preferred payment method.

  5. Confirm the payment - we protect buyers transactions until the buyer is satisfied with the purchase

  6. After the payment, chat box appears where you are able to chat with the seller

  7. Seller guides you on how to get and secure your purchase (in case of Accounts purchase - most of the sellers offer Instand Delivery where you will receive account details on the following window after purchase).

  8. That's it! you have received your order.

Buying on Eldorado

There are plenty of perks when buying accounts, currency, or items on Eldorado, and one of them is the ease of use. When it comes to your purchases, we don’t overburden you with menus or navigation. All you have to do is create an account and delve into the vast selection of purchasable items.

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You can use the search function to narrow down your options. Currency is meant for gold or other in-game resources that require some grinding. Accounts are perfect for those who want to try things anew, with a twist (or have an edge while starting out). Item purchases offer a helping hand in your adventures. And boosting services are meant to offer a coaching service, so players can take advantage of the experience of the veterans to learn a thing or two and improve along the way.

Keep in mind that different sections have their own search functions. This means if you wish to obtain a Valorant account, you will have to find it under popular games in the account sections, whereas if you’re looking to purchase items for your Path of Exile account, that will fall under the item category. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see a certain game in a certain section - it doesn’t mean we don’t have the game available; it may just fall under a different category.

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Focusing momentarily on the account section, once you select the game of interest, you will be able to narrow down the results according to keywords, price, or delivery time. If we take GTA 5 accounts as an example, we can see a variety of offers. 

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You can shorten the list according to your specifications, such as the device you want to play on. In the case of GTA 5, you can pick PC or one of the available consoles. Keep in mind that the filtering option might differ depending on the game you’re looking up. But the basic filtering will always remain the same, so you can adjust the benchmark elements to filter out unacceptable offerings (according to price and delivery time). Some of the games might have keywords of interest attached to them, which offer further customization to your orders.

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Once you settle on the offer you want, simply click on it. This will open a new window where you should give a careful read of what you’ll be receiving. The offer description will provide a list of features you can expect to be provided with your purchase (so you should receive all the listed features once you buy this specific account). Next to a description, you will see the testimonies of past buyers, which allows you to form your own opinion about the seller and their service.

When you’re confident with your purchase, click the “Buy Now” button. You will have to fill in the information related to your payment method, such as credit card details or e-wallet information. This information can be saved for future payments, so you don’t have to worry about filling out the form each time you buy from Eldorado.

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From there, the financial side of the transaction kicks in. You can select the payment option you’re comfortable with - it can be a credit card, an e-wallet payment (such as Google Pay), or a cryptocurrency. It’s important to remember that we accept only the more popular cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin or Ethereum).

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Pick the payment option, and the payment field will clearly show the cost of the item and the tax attached to it, so you can be sure there are no unsanctioned hidden fees with your purchase. Everything is above board, and you know exactly where your money is going. 

Once your payment is complete, account details will instantly be given to you (as long as the offer is marked with instant delivery time). It ensures you don’t have to wait around worrying about when you will receive your purchase. A further precautionary step is the ability to chat with the seller. As soon as your order is processed, you will be connected to the seller via chat, where you can iron out the details of the sale. The seller will then help you to further secure your account, transfer all the viable information to ensure you have full control of the account, and in case of any issues, you will be able to solve it directly with the seller.

Security and Trust on Eldorado

Buying and selling in-game items and accounts requires trust, and you can be assured Eldorado takes this very seriously. We have implemented a safeguard for buyers, so your money will be effectively frozen from the moment of purchase until you approve your order. This allows users to test out the account and ensure everything is as promised, and only then will the money be given to the seller. The system effectively prevents unlawful behavior, such as scams, since your funds will be safe until you are satisfied with your purchase.

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Additionally, when it comes to account purchases, there is a free 5-day warranty or paid warranties up to 6 months. It’s a service where we provide our customers that lets players experience the account before they fully commit. Remember: this warranty is available even after you verify the purchase and the money reaches the seller. We understand that the initial view might be misleading at times; therefore, you will have several days to make sure the account works as advertised, with all the functions and features that were advertised. It also prevents account recovery by the seller, meaning there’s no way the previous user can pull the rug from under you until you secure your new account.

Basically, if your account is taken from you for reasons outside of your control, you can expect to be protected. For select offers, you can even extend the warranty for a certain fee. However, the warranty is only available for account purchases, while the rest of your transactions are still protected by the verification system.


When it comes to video games, gaining an edge might mean the difference between a streak of victories and a line of losses. Eldorado ensures you can enjoy your game at your own pace without worrying about your funds. Best of all, you can play at your own pace without a fear of missing out or falling behind. By gaining an extra edge, you can move forward with a helping hand without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game. It’s a win-win situation, and best of all, it’s secure!