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Eldorado hits level 5! Find Goldie and join the birthday giveaway (ended)

Completionists, PVPers, and Players of all Ranks, 

We come bearing great news that we’re so excited to share with you all. 

It involves number 5! Players from all over the world! And a long-coming celebration! 

(No, it’s not Fallout 5… yet).

Pull out your party hats and noisemakers because this year, Eldorado is celebrating our 5th birthday! In internet years it's like 50? And that's old… But it gave us plenty of XP to build the best marketplace for gamers.

Instead of setting lofty goals, we wanted to create a safe marketplace for players like us. To push our gameplay further, and overall have fun.

Each year, this self-appointed quest gained more and more support. 

Now, when we’re celebrating Eldorado’s 5th-year cake day, we also hit another milestone. We’ve become one of the largest gaming-related marketplaces in the world! Serving millions of customers around the globe.

And now, here’s a short word from our CEO, Vladas : 

“This year, we’re celebrating Eldorado’s 5-year anniversary. And what a year it’s been! 

It’s so exciting and humbling to see how much Eldorado has grown. We started out as a small marketplace where players can sell their items safely and without worries. Best of all, the platform was built by gamers for gamers. 

The foundation of Eldorado was always the gaming community. We want you to enjoy your time playing the games you want. 

Now, Eldorado is celebrating 5 years of connecting buyers and sellers in dozens of games. Not to mention hundreds of items to make your in-game lives easier! 

I’d like to thank everyone who believed - and continues to believe - in Eldorado. And I can promise we’re only going upwards from here!”

Fun fact: Eldorado describes a place where wealth or opportunity can easily be gained.

And we’re all about opportunity! 

At Eldorado, we support the freedom to play how you want to play. That’s why we’ll continue providing clients all over the world (and even beyond, we’re not judging) with the means to enhance their gameplay even further. 

Speaking of opportunities, Eldorado is a platform for all players. Including those who seek to make a career out of conquering games. Our business model enables our sellers to build profitable businesses by simply playing games. Guess they were wrong when they said you can’t make money from video games, eh? 

Of course, this milestone celebration wouldn’t be possible without our community. All the players who trusted in our vision. Or those who simply wanted to shoot an enemy in the face wearing medieval armor. 

So, we’d like to extend heartfelt gratitude to every member of our community. A huge thank you to those who elevated Eldorado to the heights it’s in now. 

So here’s to 5 years of game enhancement! And to many more to come!

And now let's talk about giveaway.

Giveaway (ended)

Now is your last chance to join.

Join giveaway

Find Goldie (ended - winners will be announced soon)

Login to your Eldorado account and start searching for Goldie on our website. Find him and you will be rewarded.

Goldie disappears at midnight. Don't miss out.

Giveaway winners

Here are below 5 randomly chosen winners for 5th birthday giveaway. Check your messages for confirmation. We added Credits to your balance. Thanks for being with us, and have fun playing video games.

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