How to Make Money Fast in GTA 5 Online?

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It’s not a secret that GTA 5 Online revolves around in-game money - you need it for basically everything, from character customization to unlocking new activities. So, when you step into the viscous and exciting streets of Southern San Andreas, you will have to grasp any opportunity to get rich. The money element doesn’t just make your character look cooler because you can drive a good car or have a nice suit. Money also acts as a barrier between you and various heists or shady business ventures.

The fuller your bank account is, the more possibilities are available for you to take advantage of. If we simplify it, GTA 5 money can be considered a progression marker: the more things you buy, the more content you have access to. And with more content comes more ways to make money. So, it’s a wheel that spins itself, and you’ll need that wheel to go at full power! After all, wealth is the only ladder to the top, and before you can become a VIP of the city, you will need a great amount of GTA 5 cash. 

How Do Beginners Make Money on GTA 5 Online? 

Since we established the importance of money, you might wonder where to begin as a newcomer to the game. Keep in mind that money won’t flow like water in the beginning, but you can start saving up.

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  • Selling stolen cars - this might be one of the low-risk, low-reward activities new players can engage in. It won’t net you millions of dollars for a single car; in fact, your efforts will likely be worth a few thousand, but it’s a start! These sales, however, are time-gated, and you can only sell vehicles a few times a day.

  • Robbing stores - this one can be a bit of a challenge simply because the flow of the robbery cannot always be predicted. The shopkeeper might want to fight back, or some outsider might try to intervene. Basically, players need to be prepared to make a quick getaway at any moment. As far as GTA 5 money making schemes go, robbing stores is not the most profitable route, but you get an achievement for robbing all of them, so it’s not a waste of time either.

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  • Special weekly events - as far as cash collecting goes, special events are pretty straightforward. They usually appear in the form of weekly bonuses, offering double or triple rewards for certain activities. New players should certainly take advantage of this system, as it can vastly increase their earnings for a limited time.

  • Lucky Wheel - should you want to see how your luck holds up against the game’s RNG, you can spin a wheel once per 24 hours (real-time). If you get lucky, you can win up to $50,000. However, while there are some worthwhile prizes, this method is an extremely unreliable way to get rich fast.

  • Buy GTA 5 cash - if you’re looking for a way to bypass the time/money-gated systems, you can simply top up your account with the amount of money that will give you a comfortable start. Or, if you want to become filthy rich as soon as your feet hit the pavement, you can do that too! Buy GTA 5 money on Eldorado and leave the struggle behind; that way, you can focus on your next adventure and not on whether your piggy bank is full.

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One thing to always remember when trying to get rich in the beginning is that it’s a relatively slow process. Due to the importance of in-game currency, players are essentially tiered according to their earning power. And when you start out, you are inevitably at the bottom and at the mercy of unfavorable circumstances. But give it some time, and you’ll soon earn enough to buy an apartment for your character. After that, things will become easier.

Ways to Make Fast Cash as an Experienced Player

Once you’re with the grind of doing smaller jobs for meager reward, it’s time to venture into a more dangerous territory… quite literally. In GTA Online, you can earn money through a variety of increasingly deadly endeavors, but with higher risk comes bigger rewards. Here are some advanced ways to fill out your bank account.

  • Heists - perhaps one of the more popular and widely recognized money making methods. Heists are considered the main way to get loads of GTA 5 money fairly quickly, but these events would require time, preparation, and strategy. It’s always good to know what you’re doing when going on a heist because a successful mission will earn you more money. Higher-level heists might also require additional items, such as specific vehicles, so it’s a dynamic activity that’s both fun and profitable.

  • Buy properties - different real estate will provide you with various business opportunities. This, in turn, will increase your GTA 5 cash flow, enabling you to do bigger and better (or worse) things. You can own nightclubs for more passive income or purchase a salvage yard for additional robbery events.

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  • Mugging players - this one follows the same line of logic as robberies, but this time, your target would be other players. While most experienced players will not have much money on them out in the street, if you successfully pull off a mugging, you might just hit the jackpot with some unfortunate player who was just on his way to the bank. However, there’s always a risk that the mugging will go south, and the player will simply chase down the mugger and take the money back.

  • Mods - playing with mods can be both engaging and lucrative. You no longer have to slog through the same events or missions to see some profits for your efforts. Instead, you may customize your game and go all out, without worrying that your bank account will be drained by pesky limitations. Whether you want to fly around like a superhero or unlock never before seen car, you can do all that and more with mods.

There are many ways to make lots of GTA 5 money, and while some undoubtedly are locked behind some form of progression. Seemingly, most of the game’s action is driven by in-game money, and if you have enough cash, all doors are open. New players might struggle at the start before they find a reliable method that fits their playstyle. Alternatively, you can buy GTA 5 cash to bypass the boring stuff and ensure you never run out of money because all those fancy cars and planes are not cheap!