Top 5 OG Fortnite Skins

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Fortnite was released way back in the summer of 2017, and since then we’ve seen thousands of skins added to the game, both as free rewards and in paid-for bundles. Some of these skins were made by Epic Games, while others were the result of collabs with celebrities and major franchises.

Over time skins have become far more detailed and varied, but no matter how many skins Epic release, the rarest and most sought-after will always be the OG Fortnite skins. These are the iconic outfits that veterans will remember from the early days, they are now largely unobtainable and will massively increase the value of a Fortnite account.

We’ve ranked the Top 5 best OG Fortnite skins, so if you want to look like you’ve been dropping since launch, keep reading.

5. OG Fortnite Skin: Aerial Assault Trooper

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(© Epic Games)

Release: September 2017(Chapter 1, Season 1)

How To Unlock: Players could buy it from the Fortnite Item Shop for V-Bucks during Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 1.

When you think “OG Fortnite skins” this is probably what you imagine. The Aerial Assault Trooper was one of the first skins ever released. It had a simple yet iconic design – a classic military-inspired outfit with a distinctive helmet and goggles.

The Aerial Assault Trooper was rare even back then, and it was a point of pride for those of us who owned it. It wasn't flashy or extravagant like some of the later skins, but that's what made it special. It represented the core essence of Fortnite – a fun and competitive battle royale game where skill and strategy mattered most.

Looking back, I can't help but smile when I think about the Aerial Assault Trooper. It's a reminder of the early days of Fortnite, and that’s exactly what you want from an OG Fortnite skin.

4. OG Fortnite Skin: Galaxy

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(© Epic Games)

Release Date: August 2018 (Chapter 1, Season 5)

How To Unlock: Players had to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 during the promo event in August 2018, then login to their account and play three Fortnite matches from the device.

Another OG Fortnite skin that needs no introduction is the iconic Galaxy skin.

The Galaxy skin was exclusively obtainable through a limited-time promotion that required buying a Samsung device. Players needed to own one of these devices, log in to Fortnite, and play a few matches during the promotional period to unlock it. Since its initial release, the Galaxy skin has never been re-released in the Item Shop or through other means, making it an elusive collector's item.

Many Fortnite players covet the Galaxy skin as a symbol of distinction in the game, although these days you almost never see it. And that scarcity is what lends it so much legendary status within the community. Plus, it looks awesome.

3. OG Fortnite Skin: Ghoul Trooper (Pink)

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(© Epic Games)

Release: October 2017 (Halloween Event in Chapter 1, Season 1)

How To Unlock: The Ghoul Trooper was made available for purchase in the Item Shop during the first ever Halloween event.

The Ghoul Trooper skin is a Halloween-themed outfit that originally debuted during Fortnite’s first ever Halloween event. The skin quickly gained popularity and is beloved by many players for its unique and eerie design.

What makes Ghoul Trooper particularly special for an OG Fortnite skin is the rarity of the Pink style. The other styles are regularly available for purchase each Halloween, but the Pink style specifically is no longer available, and only those who unlocked the skin back in 2017 will have it.

It’s exactly that kind of pedigree that drives up the desirability of OG Fortnite Skins.

2. OG Fortnite Skin: Black Knight

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(© Epic Games)

Release Date: December 2017 (Chapter 1, Season 2)

How To Unlock: Black Knight was the Tier 70 Battle Pass reward for Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 2.

The Black Knight skin in Fortnite is a legendary cosmetic outfit that holds a special place in the hearts of many players. It was originally introduced during Season 2 of Fortnite, making it one of the earliest legendary skins in the game.

To unlock the Black Knight skin, players had to reach Tier 70 in the Season 2 Battle Pass, which required a significant amount of time and dedication. This exclusivity made it a symbol of prestige and commitment to the game. The Black Knight distinctive design, featuring a menacing medieval knight with black armor, a red-eyed helmet, and a flowing cape, really set it apart from other cosmetics of the period.

This could have been in the number 1 spot for our favorite OG Fortnite skins, but it just missed out to the Renegade Raider.

1. OG Fortnite Skin: Renegade Raider

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(© Epic Games)

Release Date: September 2017(Chapter 1, Season 1)

How To Unlock: Once players reached Level 20 the Renegade Raider was available to buy from the Item Shop during Chapter 1, Season 1.

The Renegade Raider is the OG Fortnite skin. It was only 1200 V-Bucks when it was released, but wow would it be worth more than that if it ever came back.

Why is it so popular? Quite simply because the Renegade Raider was one of the very first skins ever released in Fortnite, and out of all the oldest skins in the game, this is probably the best-looking. If you see someone using this skin, then you know they’re a true veteran of Fortnite.

Those were the best OG Fortnite skins, at least in our opinion. It’s unfortunate that these skins are now locked to rare Fortnite accounts, but if they weren’t, everyone would probably complain they were too common and easy to unlock.

What’s your favorite OG Fortnite Skin? And, do you think we got the order right, or are we overhyping Renegade Raider?