What Are the Rarest Skins in Valorant?

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In Valorant, skills are undoubtedly the deciding factor between success and defeat. You will need to work with your teammates to pull off undisputed victories; but next to your strategies and good aim, there’s another way you can support your team, so to speak. And that’s skins! In Valorant, your skins point out how often and how long you played the game, which in turn warns the enemy to be wary of you while giving your own team a confidence boost. 

When it comes to Valorant rare skins, the list is quite extensive. One of the major factors that determines a skin’s rarity is its availability and visual effects. The more impressive it is and the fewer chances players have to purchase it, the rarer the skin becomes. In this article, we have compiled a short list of some of the rarest skins in Valorant.

Arcane Sheriff 

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It will likely surprise no one to see Arcane Sheriff as the first entry since, even among the rarest skins, this one stands out. It was initially released in 2021 and was part of a bundle that marked the release of the Arcane animated series (which was based on Riot’s other game). Arcane Sheriff hasn’t appeared in the shop since, making it an exclusive skin for those who managed to snag it during the promotional period. The overall design on the skin is colorful and almost playful, with light splatters of paint and some doodles. Overall, it reflects the aesthetics of Jinx, who was the inspiration for the skin. So, whether you are a fan of a character or simply want to bring style and notoriety to the field, Arcane Sheriff is the way to do it. However, because it’s no longer available for purchase, players will need to wait for its rerun, but there are no promises on that front.

The Wayfinder Shorty

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Another skin that is recognized as one of the rarest is the Wayfinder Shorty. The skin was originally part of a collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming and was released in January 2022. Everyone who had an active Amazon Prime subscription could link their account with Valorant and claim it. However, once the month was over, the skin became unavailable. Much like with Arcane Sheriff, there currently is no way to obtain this black-and-gold skin, which exponentially increases its aesthetic value. Should you go into the field wielding the Wayfinder, it’s clear that you’ve been mastering the game for quite some time, and that will certainly put the opposing team on guard. 

Champions 2021 Collection

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Champions 2021 was the first official Valorant tournament, and to commemorate it, the game released a special collection of items featuring Vandal’s skin. Because of its association with the tournament event, the skin doesn’t appear among the Store’s offers nowadays. Still, those who were lucky enough to purchase it when it was first released have a truly unique look for their weapon. The skin can be upgraded to Level 4, with various visual improvements, including augmented Finisher and gun aura. There’s even an audio element that’s tied to the official song from the Champions 2021 event. All in all, this skin is certainly one of the more original ones, giving both style and, to some extent, prestige to the players who have it in their collection.

Ignite Fan

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Another on the list of no-longer-obtainable skins is the Ignite fan skin for the knife. It was initially released to celebrate the launch of the Chinese server in Valorant. The skin essentially has three looks. The first one is a regular-looking knife with a gold and red design. However, at Level 2 the knife opens up and reveals the look number two - it becomes a fiery fan, accompanied by phoenix-like visuals. There are flames, feathers, and intricate patterns. Even among the Valorant rare skins, Ignite fan is a standout. In fact, there’s even a new animation added to the skin, showing an agent fanning themselves. And then there’s the third look, which is a variant of the flaming red skin. With the variant, the skin turns a light shade of purple, still showing off the same design, but the color scheme is muted. Overall, Ignite fan looks polished and bright, and no doubt is deadly in the right hands! 

Ruin Dagger

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Last but definitely not the least is Ruin dagger skin for a knife. This one is special because you weren’t able to buy in, unlike the other skins on the list. This one you had to earn! It was part of a battle pass for the third Act, hidden away at tier 50. So, players had to work their way up to the skin, and only then could they obtain the sleek and dangerous dagger. The design’s dark color contrasts nicely with bright red and gold, mimicking a royalty theme. Due to its nature as a battle pass reward, the skin is not available anywhere else, and if you haven’t been playing Valorant since its inception days, it’s likely you missed out on a chance to have this skin in your roster. And those who do have it can proudly display their long-lasting connection to the game. 

To sum it all up, Valorant has quite a collection of rare and brilliant skins, some of which are part of a collaboration, while others are used as an incentive to play. So, if you’re one of the players who like to mix their skill with a bit of fashion, Valorant has you covered. And if you feel like you missed out on some skins that might never come back, you can pick up veteran Valorant accounts that already have some exclusive skins.