Where to Buy Fortnite V-Bucks?

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Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world, and for a good reason—it is an ingenious combination of visual fun and cutthroat gameplay. In Fortnite, you are pitted against up to a hundred other players, and you can all duke it out in an ever-shrinking arena. And while the gameplay is nothing too spectacular, part of the game’s charm lies in its fashion. There’s a ton of cosmetics to look out for. But in order to enjoy claiming victories in style (literally), you will need Fortnite VBucks. In this article, we’ll present some of the ways you can easily buy V-Bucks and get one step closer to your goals. 

Official Store

One of the more prominent options for V-Bucks purchase is the official store. Probably the main perk of using the store is the formal nature of the transaction. After all, the store is managed by the same company that maintains the game, and therefore, its items and services are directly linked. When it comes to it, players can also take advantage of the store’s deals, as sometimes, the shop would feature special bundles that could be a mix of items and V-Bucks, while providing some Fortnite skins that might not be available elsewhere.

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However, this might not be the best option for players who have their own vision of what they want on their account. Bundles, in general, are somewhat restrictive, as they will give you items you might not always want. Let’s say you are looking for some Fortnite VBucks and a nice back accessory, but now you also have to purchase a skin that doesn’t interest you. So, if you’re a completionist and just want to see your collection grow by any means, the store’s bundles absolutely cater to that. However, value-wise, bundles are pushed aside by plain V-Bucks top-up options that straight up grant you a specified amount of currency, and you can spend it on what you want in the in-game shop, including a whole host of Fortnite skins and extra bling.

But there’s a slight drawback to V-Bucks from the official store: region-based price differences. This means that sometimes, depending on the currency used in your country, you might have to pay more for an item than a different player who lives on the other side of the world. The prices in the official store are not unified, and this can cause some players to get cheaper Fortnite VBucks than others simply due to their locale.


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On that note, as a way to bypass the regional prices, you could consider using alternative services, such as trading between players. These player-initiated transactions occur on RMT markets, and Eldorado is one such place. On Eldorado.gg, you can buy V-Bucks for all your gaming needs at a lower price than you would in an official store, which only works out in your favor, as you can quickly get any amount of V-Bucks from verified sellers. 

What’s more, you are not bound by the constraints of different platforms, as would happen with the official store. Typically, you would have to purchase Fortnite VBucks on the platform you’re playing on, and if you have several platforms, this means you have to go through the process of purchasing the premium currency several times over. With Eldorado, you can browse different iterations of the available V-Bucks offers without having to jump across several platforms.

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And speaking of convenience, on Eldorado, you can pick if you want to top up or purchase the V-Bucks as a gift. Top-up is the more direct option that will instantly deposit premium currency to your account, which is similar to how the official store works. Or, if you choose the gifting option, the V-Bucks will be provided for you with a bit of a delay; however, this option is better suited for players who want to retain some anonymity. All in all, RMT markets provide more accessibility to players while offering competitive or even lower prices compared to the official store. Eldorado also specializes in several games, so you can stock up on premium currency for your favorite titles all in one place while enjoying Eldorado's safe and secure service.

Retail Stores

One more method to purchase V-Bucks is to go to a retail store and get a physical gift card. On one hand, you can easily pick up a V-Bucks top-up without using online payments. Additionally, you can buy Fortnite VBucks for someone else, so your purchase is not tied to your account from the get-go, as is the case with most online purchases. This is great if you want to help friends stock up on particular Fortnite skins.

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However, gift cards also have several drawbacks. Probably the most prominent is the availability, or lack thereof. The gift cards can only be purchased in select retail stores, so you can’t find them in every shop. Additionally, even this availability is further restricted by regions. Simply put, Fortnite gift cards are sold in select countries and specific retailers, so plenty of players will not have access to the gift cards. And we can’t forget the additional taxes that might be applied to the gift cards since that’s left up to the discretion of the retailer. Basically, Fortnite gift cards can be purchased without any account restrictions, but there are various limitations (mostly location-based) that narrow down the applicability of the gift cards. 


There are several ways you can buy Fortnite VBucks. Gift cards available in retail stores, while easy to acquire and use, have hard restrictions to their usage, including regional locks and cost discrepancies. Online purchases might be a better fit for any player who wants to update their Fortnite skins collection or get the new battle pass. That leaves you with the official store or Eldorado.gg. Between the two, Eldorado is cheaper and offers more options to players, so they don’t have to settle for a more tightly curated selection in the store. In the end, it’s entirely up to you how you want to top up the game’s premium currency.