Which RS Gold Buying Site Is the Best?

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Have you ever wanted more gold in Runescape 3? You're not alone! Whether in Runescape or real life, people inherently want to build their wealth and then spend that money on the things they enjoy.

In RS3, no player can survive without gold. You need gold to purchase the items you want for your character. Gold can also fund your construction projects. In fact, for some items like Noxious Scythe or Seren Godbow, there's simply no way to acquire the item without gold pieces since they can't be crafted directly. You need to pay up or do without!

For many players, amassing huge stacks of gold is simply part of how they play. You only have to browse the Grand Exchange to see that Runescape 3 has a thriving economy where billions of gold pieces change hands every day. These players don't just limit themselves to the items they need to survive. Instead, they experience the game to the max by buying the items they want, taking their character to the next level, and creating new forms of gameplay.

There's no "right" way to play RS3, and each player will have their own goals they are working towards. But no matter the goal, gold will come into the equation at some point. It's just the way RS3 is designed. 

So, where do you go when you find yourself in need of more gold? What do you do if you want the full Trimmed Masterwork armor set but you're a couple of hundred million short on gold? You buy gold online, of course!

Here's our comprehensive guide on how to buy RS3 gold online. We'll examine at where you can buy RS3 gold and where the best place to buy RS3 GP is. Let's dive right in!

Where Can You Buy RS3 Gold?

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What Do You Want?

This might seem like a simple question, but it's extremely important. Before you can decide where to buy Runescape gold, you first need to consider what you want from the process. Is safety the most important thing to you? How much are you willing to spend on gold? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask. Below are the things we think players should be focusing on when looking for a place to buy gold online:

Reputable website - Does this website have recommendations all over the internet? For example, are they featured in articles on websites other than their own? It's one thing if they recommend their own services - you'd expect them to, right? But when you see other sites recommend them then you know they are legitimate. After all, why would a different website risk its own reputation by recommending an unsafe and scammy gold-selling site? They wouldn't.

Security - How safe and secure is the gold-selling and buying process? Is your money protected in the event that the gold seller doesn't follow through?

Reviews - Does the site have independent reviews from customers on sites like Trustpilot? Reading the experience of other customers can tell you a lot about how the site treats its patrons. As a general rule, the more reviews they have, the more accurate the picture is.

Convenience and Delivery Time - Is it easy to buy gold on this platform? Or does the process involve many convoluted steps that take up a lot of your time? You want to pick a platform that allows you to buy gold fast. Why? Because you might find yourself in a situation where you need a quick influx of cash to quickly secure that item on the Grand Exchange. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity due to a slow website.

Reliable - Can you rely on this site to deliver every time? Can you trust it to always be available when you need to buy RS3 items or gold? Newly created sites can be considered less reliable than the more established ones.

Price - Is the gold competitively priced, or can you find it cheaper elsewhere? The ideal situation is to get gold for the cheapest price while still satisfying your other requirements for quality, safety, reliability, and convenience.

Payment Options - Does the site allow you to pay using your preferred method of payment?

What Are the Options?

There are several different approaches to buying and selling RS3 gold online. You can use online marketplaces that connect sellers and buyers on a safe platform. You can buy from a gold seller directly, on sites like eBay or from their own dedicated website. You can also buy gold from sites that simply purchase gold from sellers to then offer it at a set price. You can even buy gold from online game forums.

Although there are several options, not all of them are equal. Most buyers now use marketplaces rather than eBay due to the safety, reliability, and competitive pricing available on these platforms. Below, we'll analyze some of the most popular sites where you can buy RS3 GP online.

The Best Site to Buy RS3 GP?

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Do you know how they say you should never trust a hairdresser with a bad haircut? Or a dentist with bad teeth? Well, Eldorado is a site created and managed by avid gamers, digital economy enthusiasts, MMO currency traders, and professional esports players. We know everything there is to know about trading digital currency and items online. 

We've created a marketplace that works for everyone. Customer service is a key part of our mission since we know the harm that scammers cause online. With 26,650 reviews on Trustpilot and 87% of these being excellent, it looks like our customers agree with our mission.

We want to support our customers through every step of the journey if they need it, so they can get their gold and get back to playing Runescape 3. Customer support is 24/7 because we know our customers want to buy gold at the time that suits them best. With our TradeShield protection, the buyer is always protected from scammers. This ensures that the seller won't receive their money until the buyer is 100% satisfied.

One of the main selling points of Eldorado is competition. Sellers compete with each other on the platform to offer the best price and secure a sale. This means that our customers are guaranteed to get the best price for RS3 gold. We also have an extremely fast average delivery time of 4 minutes, so you're never waiting around. 

In summary, Eldorado offers low prices, extremely fast delivery times, and high safety.


PlayerAuctions has been around for a long time, being one of the oldest marketplaces for trading in-game items. The delivery time is reasonable most of the time; however, the prices for currency and items are often high. While PlayerAuctions has a sizeable user base, among the disappointed customers, there are frequent complaints about poor customer support, waiting a long time to receive refunds and the prevalence of scammers on the website.

The main selling point of PlayerAuctions is its brand since the site has been around for a long time. This means that users are familiar with it, and some have been using it for several years, so the platform has a big following. 


G2G is a thriving marketplace with a huge variety of in-game items for many different games. The price of items and currency tends to be lower on average than PlayerAuctions’ due to slightly lower fees. The delivery time isn't terrible, but it isn’t super-fast either, as some players have to wait a while to get their gold; allegedly, some of the sellers could find themselves out of stock, which leads them to scramble to purchase gold from smaller sellers to complete their own sales. 

G2G is widely considered a safe and secure website. One of the main drawbacks of G2G is that the fees they charge are, at times, high and particularly restrictive for low-volume sellers. The fee charged to the sellers then gets passed onto the buyers, often leading to higher prices. Comparatively, Eldorado has a system where sellers are charged a flat 3.5% sales fee on Runescape gold sales; in fact, some of the currency offers on Eldorado have a sliding scale for fees, going as low as 0% for select game currencies.


This website allows players to buy gold pieces directly, without engaging with sellers. The delivery time is fast, and the website is safe and secure. The price you pay for gold is also reasonable. The main drawback of PieGP is that they only sell RS3 and OSRS gold, whereas RMT marketplaces tend to facilitate the sales of currency and items across many different games. For example, Eldorado has a huge list of games available to choose from. 

Additionally, since PieGP is not a marketplace, sellers also have less control compared to Eldorado, PlayerAuctions, or G2G. Sellers can't decide the prices for their offers; the website simply has a set price, and sellers can either take it or leave it. For buyers, this means they don't get to experience the benefits of seller competition, which often results in great gold prices.

Other Comparisons

We've covered the key points you need to keep in mind about gold selling sites before you buy. The things we've covered above will likely be the main deciding factors when narrowing down your choices, but there are other things to consider, too: for example, the user experience and how easy the site is to navigate.

Eldorado's website has a clean and simple design, making it extremely easy to navigate. You can browse items and instantly see the price, as well as any discounts and offers. Another thing to consider is whether sites have any hidden fees.

Some sites look like they sell gold at cheap prices, but when you get to the checkout, you realize that they have added a bunch of fees at the last minute. At Eldorado, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees or nefarious money-grabbing tactics. We just offer simple and honest transactions for our customers.

In conclusion, Eldorado covers every base. If you want safe, secure, fast, and cheap gold with no hidden extras and excellent 24/7 customer service, then Eldorado is the best choice.